History of Jordanian olive oil

5,400 BC

Traces of one of the world's oldest varieties were discovered in today's Wadi Rum, Jordan.

4,500 BC

In Ancient Mesopotamia, today North of
Jordan in Wadi Rayyan, olive mill was used.

3700 - 300 BC

The trade between Egypt and South Levant highlighted the olive oil as one of the seven "Sacred Oils" used for embalming.

20th Century

The oldest Jordanian olive press is from 1922.
The first mills with centrifuges were established in 1973. The General Syndicate of Jordanian Olive Oil Mills Owners and Olive Producers was established in May 1994.


• In 2000 Jordan starts exporting olive oil worldwide.
• 2002- Jordan joins the International Olive Council (IOC).
• 2003 - the first IOC-approved; sensory assessment panels are formed.
• 2004 - the Jordanian Association of
Producers and Exporters of Olive Products
(JOPEA) is established.
• 2008 and 2009 - Jordan chairs the IOC.
• 2010 - the Jordanian Society for Sensory Evaluation of Food is established.
• 2018- Phylogenetic Analysis reveals
Jordan was one of the centres of origin of olive tree cultivation throughout the ages.
• 2021 - the Women's Olive Oil Association is established.
• 2022 - Jordan chairs the IOC.

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