Responsible business

Below you can find some examples of projects in the Jordanian olive oil sector, where responsible business practice plays an important role.

Fair wages

(JOPEA) launched fair wages initiative to ensure that workers in the sector receive fair wages and benefits. The initiative is funded by the EU and the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO). Noted that the concept of fair wages extends beyond workers’ salaries to include other elements, such as fair treatment in the workplace, gender equality, and job security.

Training and Seminar olive growing techniques

Agronomic considerations for innovative water use in the olive sector. Transfer the knowledge on irrigation advisory through local people or community-based agricultural organizations by international experts, which ensures the olive farming communities in Jordan have the needed expertise to aid farmers in improving the profitability of the farming business while reducing the amounts of water overused in irrigation. Also interrelated with outcomes on the value-added when reducing water consumption for these crops.

Olive Oil and Bread

JOPEA launched   “Olive Oil and Bread”, an initiative for school students in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education, in partnership with the supporting bodies, the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, the Syndicate, and the Jordanian Society for sensory evaluation of food. Where the initiative was implemented in many schools in various governorates, with the aim of consolidating nutritional education in childhood and building awareness among students of the importance of olive oil. Spreading food culture.

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