1. Assisting in evaluating your needs and aligning them with the most suitable suppliers for your business requirements.

    2.  Facilitating direct communication and aiding in negotiating offers.

    3. Supplying essential sector information to empower you in making well-informed business decisions.

    1. Establishing connections with reputable freight companies to handle the packing, transport, and logistics of your goods.

    2. Assisting selected supplier companies in streamlining their shipping process, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

    3. Offering estimated rates and costs from reliable vendors for shipping to your desired destinations.

    4. Supplying comprehensive packaging information for selected types and capacities, including the number of items, dimensions, and weight per carton.

    1. Supporting both buyer and supplier with issuing relevant documentation
    2. Supporting supplier with fulfilling documentation requirements for the country of the buyer
    1. Facilitating arrangements for buyers to visit potential supplier milling facilities and/or olive groves, ensuring transparency and confidence in your sourcing process.

    2. Offering professional translation services to support buyers in effective communication and understanding during interactions with suppliers.

    1. Offering comprehensive information and organizing agrotourism visits that encompass cultural experiences and visits to historical olive trees, providing a unique insight into the rich heritage of Jordan.

    2. Collaborating with eco-travel and local tour agencies to cater to the interests of those who wish to explore additional sites and attractions in Jordan.

    3. Assisting buyers in arranging any tourism trips they may be interested in, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience while exploring the beauty of Jordan.

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