How we can help

    1. Helping with the assessment of requirements and match them with supplier most suitable for your business requirements
    2. Initiating direct contact and helping with negotiating offers 
    3. Providing any required sector information that would help you to make more informed business decisions
    1. Making connections with freight companies for packing, transport and logistics of goods
    2. Supporting selected supplier companies with facilitating shipping 
    3. Providing indicative rates and costs from vendors for shipping to required destinations
    4. Providing packaging information on selected types and capacities, such as number of items, dimensions and weight per carton 
    1. Supporting both buyer and supplier with issuing relevant documentation
    2. Supporting supplier with fulfilling documentation requirements for the country of the buyer
    1. Arranging for buyer to visit prospective supplier milling facility and/or olive groves
    2. Providing translation services should the buyer require it 
    1. Providing information and arranging agrotourism visits that include cultural experiences and historical trees 
    2. Connecting with eco-travel and local tour agencies for those interested in seeing other sites in Jordan
    3. Facilitating any tourism trips buyer may be interested in

Need more info?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the form below.