Jordanian Olive Oils Shine at the London International Olive Oil Competition

Jordanian olive oil producers have once again demonstrated their exceptional quality and commitment to excellence at the London International Olive Oil Competition (LIOOC). This prestigious event celebrates the finest olive oils from around the globe, and this year, several Jordanian brands emerged victorious, showcasing the rich heritage and superior craftsmanship of the region.

Al Zyoudi: Recognized for its distinctive flavor and superior quality, Al Zyoudi’s extra virgin olive oil captivated the judges with its rich, fruity notes and exceptional balance.

Arduna: Arduna’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and high-quality production earned it accolades, highlighting the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Holy Olive Tree: With a focus on traditional methods and high-quality olives, Holy Olive Tree stood out for its aromatic and flavorful olive oil.

Al Hair Wal Baraka: This brand impressed with its robust and well-rounded olive oil, reflecting the fertile lands and ideal growing conditions of Jordan.

Kheroo Olive Oil: Known for its meticulous production process, Kheroo Olive Oil was celebrated for its purity and delightful taste.

Maida Arbequina: This brand’s use of the Arbequina variety brought a unique and delightful flavor profile, earning it recognition at the competition.

Nabali: Nabali’s olive oil, derived from the indigenous Nabali olive trees, was praised for its authentic taste and high quality.

Nashwan Olive Oil_Kfarat: This olive oil stood out for its exquisite balance and rich, fruity flavor, showcasing the best of Jordanian olive oil traditions.

Oleve: Oleve’s dedication to producing top-notch olive oil through sustainable and innovative practices earned it a place among the winners.

Rum Jordan: Already a well-known name, Rum Jordan continued to impress with its premium quality olive oil, highlighting advanced techniques and continuous innovation.

These awards not only underscore the excellence of Jordanian olive oil but also highlight the region’s rich agricultural heritage and the producers’ dedication to maintaining the highest standards. The success of these brands at the LIOOC is a testament to the hard work and passion of Jordanian olive oil producers.

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