Company Profile:
Alawneh agriculture Est

In the heart of the holly lands, where the sky embraces the earth and the spirit meets the roots, the story of Alawneh Agricultural Company unfolds, cradling a rich heritage that traces back to the authentic roots of olive trees. Our narrative extends beyond mere olive cultivation; it’s a tale of the spiritual connection that binds us to the land and the treasures it bears. The olive oil we produce is not just food; it’s the essence of life, a meeting point of enchanting flavors and immense benefits. Your experience of our distinctive breakfast, where wild thyme blends with our exquisite olive oil, will unveil the other dimension of this liquid gold.


For us, the olive tree is not just a plant; it’s a family member. “Aziza” and “Khaddra,” two trees we address with love and respect, are an integral part of our Jordanian identity. We transform wild oil into luxurious soap, infused with the healing salts of the Dead Sea, offering your skin a touch of magic and sanctity found only in our pure land.


At Alawneh Agricultural Company, we bring together small-scale farmers, forming a network of cooperation and affection. We exchange smiles and share successes, believing that our strength lies in our unity and solidarity. We do not tamper with nature; we respect the forest and work in harmony with it. Oak, olive, and wild almond trees form the foundation upon which we build our products, relying on the biodiversity of our land to offer you products with rare and unique flavors.


We invite you to an experience that is not just about tasting food but a journey that takes you back to the roots, where authenticity, nature, and life in its simplest and most profound forms converge. Discover with us the heritage we proudly carry and present to the world at Alawneh Agricultural Company.