Majdal Olive Oil

The farm is situated on the foothills of the Ajloun mountain range, near the town of Al-Majdal, where olives have been grown and cultivated since biblical times.

Al Zaben Farm

A Jordanian fruit farm and fruit tree nursery was established in 1985. Our produce is local, safe, GMO-free, and without any chemical residue.

A Testimonial of Oleotourism in Jordan by an Olive Oil Expert

Oleotourism is the form of tourism associated with olive groves and the production of olive oils. This allow a deeper understanding of the the culture surrounding the world of the olive groves and participation in multiple activities focused on olive oil ranging from gastronomy to accommodation and health treatments.

History of Jordanian olive oil

Home to one of the oldest olive cultivation sites in the world, olive trees have been growing in Jordan for over 5,400 years

Tagliolini Pasta

An Italian country-side popular pasta dish that resembles straw and hay, enriched with Tuna belly confit in Jordanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with potatoes and olives

Green Labaneh recipe

Green labaneh is is made with an indigenous herb Hweirneh (حويرنة) that is foraged in the wild. It can be used in countless ways, from simply serving with bread, slathered on toast with eggs, as a base to a salad or dressing, a dip with fried or roasted vegetables and even instead of plain yoghurt in fetteh.

Majdal Agricultural Company

An eight-decade-old single estate family farm in Majdal, on the limestone-rich hills of Biblical Gilead of Jerash, north of Jordan. We are producing premium extra virgin olive oil with a distinctive piquancy from the progeny of the unique regional Nabali variety cross-bred with indigenous wild olive trees.

Samain Ideal

Established in 1984, the Samain Farm spans over 200,000 square meters of fertile, nutrient rich land in Karak, Jordan.
The Samain Farm is Organic Certified by the Italian CCPB company.
Olives are handpicked and transported to the Samain Mill to be processed, and the Olive Oil produced is a premium, award winning product.