Alawneh agriculture Est

In the heart of the holly lands, where the sky embraces the earth and the spirit meets the roots, the story of Alawneh Agricultural Company unfolds, cradling a rich heritage that traces back to the authentic roots of olive trees.

Ateeq Olive Oil Company Name: Ateeq Olive Oil Year of Establishment: 2022 Food Certification (ISO, HACCP, Organic): YES Export Experience: YES Product Range: Very Limited Private Label Option: NO Other Awards: Bronz (Olive Oil Istanbul IOOC2023) Company URL: Facebook: jopea Instagram: Contact info: You Might Also Check Alawneh agriculture Est Ateeq Olive Oil Majdal […]

Some of our heritage trees

Home to one of the oldest olive cultivation sites in the world, olive trees have been growing in Jordan for over 5,400 years. This brings with it a rich heritage that is very much loved by the Jordanian people and comes culturally and socially attached with a feeling of pride.

Majdal Olive Oil

The farm is situated on the foothills of the Ajloun mountain range, near the town of Al-Majdal, where olives have been grown and cultivated since biblical times.

6 Jordanian companies participate in WOOE in Madrid

AMMAN — Six Jordanian companies participated in the 10th World Olive Oil Exhibition 2023 in Madrid, with the support of the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Al Zaben Farm

A Jordanian fruit farm and fruit tree nursery was established in 1985. Our produce is local, safe, GMO-free, and without any chemical residue.

A Testimonial of Oleotourism in Jordan by an Olive Oil Expert

Oleotourism is the form of tourism associated with olive groves and the production of olive oils. This allow a deeper understanding of the the culture surrounding the world of the olive groves and participation in multiple activities focused on olive oil ranging from gastronomy to accommodation and health treatments.