Mahmoud Nayef Omari & Partners Co.

Company Name: Mahmoud Nayef Omari & Partners Co. Year of Establishment: 2006 Food Certification (ISO, HACCP, Organic): YES Export Experience: YES Product Range: Available Private Label Option: Yes Other Awards: Bronz (Olive Oil Istanbul IOOC2023) Company URL: Facebook: Omarioliveoil Instagram: Instagram: Contact info: You Might Also Check Mahmoud Nayef Omari & […]

Alawneh agriculture Est

In the heart of the holly lands, where the sky embraces the earth and the spirit meets the roots, the story of Alawneh Agricultural Company unfolds, cradling a rich heritage that traces back to the authentic roots of olive trees.

Ateeq Olive Oil Company Name: Ateeq Olive Oil Year of Establishment: 2022 Food Certification (ISO, HACCP, Organic): YES Export Experience: YES Product Range: Very Limited Private Label Option: NO Other Awards: Bronz (Olive Oil Istanbul IOOC2023) Company URL: Facebook: jopea Instagram: Contact info: You Might Also Check Alawneh agriculture Est Ateeq Olive Oil Majdal […]

Majdal Olive Oil

The farm is situated on the foothills of the Ajloun mountain range, near the town of Al-Majdal, where olives have been grown and cultivated since biblical times.

Al Zaben Farm

A Jordanian fruit farm and fruit tree nursery was established in 1985. Our produce is local, safe, GMO-free, and without any chemical residue.

Majdal Agricultural Company

An eight-decade-old single estate family farm in Majdal, on the limestone-rich hills of Biblical Gilead of Jerash, north of Jordan. We are producing premium extra virgin olive oil with a distinctive piquancy from the progeny of the unique regional Nabali variety cross-bred with indigenous wild olive trees.

Samain Ideal

Established in 1984, the Samain Farm spans over 200,000 square meters of fertile, nutrient rich land in Karak, Jordan.
The Samain Farm is Organic Certified by the Italian CCPB company.
Olives are handpicked and transported to the Samain Mill to be processed, and the Olive Oil produced is a premium, award winning product.

Rum Olive Oil

We are located near the ancient holy land and preserve the history of the revival of the past, we produce with confidence what the people of our region used to consume throughout history.
We produce premium quality extra virgin olive oil exclusively in our own olive mill according to strict standards and regulations.


Multi-award winning in Europe, North America and Far east. Maida is sustainable single family estate farm and mill located in the Jordanian desert. Passionately crafting from tree to table which has earned them a world ranking in 2021 as 41 in the World as producers and their Arbosana variety ranked number two. Quality and environment is at the heart of what they do which has lead them to work with chefs and restaurants from around the world.

Good Food Mood

As an organization established in 2014; with a niche market of organic products (Organic Medjool dates and Extra virgin Olive Oil being our top crops), and broad international coverage of global countries and continents, and an exporting rate of almost  900-1000 tons /year of Organic Medjool dates and current production of 100-150 tons of Extra virgin olive oil per year, we consider ourselves to be a leading player and in a unique position not to compete but to dominate the organic food industry in general.