The unique taste of Jordanian olive oil

Jordan is home to a number of local olive varieties, however most common today are 4 major ones including 1 minor one, in addition to a recently preserved ancient variety (Mehras). These ancient cultivars provide a unique taste and smell that reflects our age-old tradition. The combination of traditional handpicking and modern milling techniques ensures high quality. Jordan’s 7 IOC-accredited sensory evaluation panels guarantee the quality of our oil by applying high-level international quality standards. As a result, Jordanian extra virgin olive oil is perfectly suited to sophisticated consumers at the higher ends of the international market.

local varieties

Jordan is home to unique local olive varieties mainly, such as Nabali, Nabali Muhassan,Nassouhi, and Souri. These cultivars are perfectly suited to our climate, with some dating back thousands of years. In addition to some 5 foreign – Italian, Spanish and Greek – varieties are grown. The olives are cultivated throughout the country, on 11 million trees across a total area of 57,000 Hectares.

The below map indicates how deep-rooted the olive culture is in Jordan that each olive growing area applies a different name to the main 4 varieties that make it its own. 

Jordanian olive cultivars per governorate

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1. Nabali Baladi
2. Rasei
3. Nabali Muhassan
4. Nasouhi Jaba
5. Souri
6. Shami
7. Kfari Romi
8. Kfari Baldi
9. Kanabisi
10.Arabi Altafila
11. Ketat
12. Bathni
13. Rosai

Jordanian olive oil is known for its aromatic taste and smell. Our olives are carefully handpicked. This traditional harvesting method limits damage to the fruits, which affects the quality of the oil. Combined with our modern, efficient milling techniques, this ensures high-quality olive oil production.

The unique flavour profiles of our local olive varieties give our oil its distinct qualities, which make it an ideal ingredient for both hot and cold dishes.

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